samedi 31 décembre 2011

Drum and Bass Mix (Hectix)

A 30min mix of D&B.

I share you this one, because all the long of the mix, the choice of sounds is well done. And i very like it :)

vendredi 30 décembre 2011

Klaypex - ET - Kinetic Typography

Klaypex generaly does dubstep, which is most of time speed, it can be near drum and bass. A sort of Drumstep.

But you can find some remixies from them, and here its from ET of Katy Perry with some kinetic typo. Its looks good, and if you want, you can find the entire sound on youtube.

Rezonate - Pump It!

Rollz - Capture Me

The start

From here i will recent all musics which sounds good for me.
Mostly will be dubstep / D&B / electro.
Sometimes ill post other than this 3 genders. You will see by yourself, i can listen all type of music